The Class Ceiling in the US

This is a work in progress with Sam Friedman. The short version is, there is a class-origin pay gap in top occupations in the US, and it is actually larger than the one in the UK (about $30k/year). Here is the PDF.

National Coming Out Day

It’s National Coming Out day. I’m a transgender man. If any of you didn’t know that, and want to ask me questions, you can. I came out as a dyke (fn1) at 15, started identifying as some kind of butch or genderqueer person in my 20s, hung out with...

Video on Regression

Kate Mason at Wheaton College got a bunch of folks to volunteer to make introductory sociology methods videos, so I recorded one about regression. Here it is. (This is kind of a wonky way to share, but it’s what I can figure out at the moment.)

On Fights on Scholar-Activism

At ASA, I was on a panel about the idea of the “scholar-activist” and some of the debates around it. The panel happened because Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra wrote this blog post & was asked to organize a Presidential Panel on the topic. The blog post happened because...

Should you email professors before applying to grad school?

Will emailing a professor as part of applying to (Sociology) graduate school help your case? Part 2. This is a follow up to this post – I made a survey and asked professors whether you should email them, and how their program works.  I’ll make this quick – 13 out of...