Below I put the key parts of the CV – positions & education, publications of various sorts, in date order.

Academic positions

August 2016 onwards: Assistant Professor of Sociology, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore PA

January 2017 onwards: Associate Editor, British Journal of Sociology

June 2013 – July 2016: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Sociology, London School of Economics


2013     PhD in Sociology, University of California, Berkeley

2007     M.A. in Sociology, University of California, Berkeley

2000     B.A. in Sociology & Anthropology, Swarthmore College


2022        The Room Where It Happens: How the Politics Industry Shapes American Democracy. (Working title) Under contract with Beacon Press.

2019        The Class Ceiling: Why it Pays to Be Privileged. Friedman, Sam and Daniel Laurison. UK: Policy Press; US: University of Chicago. Reviewed in (partial list): The American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, The London Review of Books, Sociology, Journal of Social Policy, The Guardian.

2015        Social Class in the 21st Century. Mike Savage, Sam Friedman, Daniel Laurison, Lisa McKenzie, Mark Taylor, Niall Cunningham, Helene Snee, Fiona Devine, Andrew Miles, Paul Wakeling. Penguin Publishing. 

Peer Reviewed journal Publications

2020        Laurison, Daniel, Dawn Dow, and Carolyn Chernoff. “Class Mobility and Reproduction for Black and White Adults in the United States: A Visualization.” Socius 6 (January 1, 2020).

2017        Mind the Gap: Financial London and the Regional Class Pay Gap.” Friedman, Sam, and Daniel Laurison. The British Journal of Sociology 68, no. 3 (September 1, 2017): 474–511.

2017        Cultural Capital: Arts Graduates, Spatial Inequality, and London’s Impact on Cultural Labour Markets.” Kate Oakley, Daniel Laurison, Dave O’Brien, and Sam Friedman American Behavioral Scientist, June 2, 2017.

2017        Are Postgraduate Qualifications the ‘New Frontier of Social Mobility’?” Paul Wakeling and Daniel Laurison. The British Journal of Sociology 68, no. 3 (September 1, 2017): 533–55.

2016        The Class Pay Gap in Higher Managerial and Professional Occupations.” Daniel Laurison and Sam Friedman.  American Sociological Review 81, no. 4: 668–95.

2016        Social Class and Political Engagement in the United States.” Sociology Compass 10, no. 8: 684–97.

2016        ‘Like Skydiving without a Parachute’ How Class Origin Shapes Occupational Trajectories in British Acting.” Sam Friedman, Daniel Laurison, and Dave O’Brien. Sociology, February 28, 2016.

2016        Are the Creative Industries Meritocratic? An Analysis of the 2014 British Labour Force Survey.”  Dave O’Brien, Daniel Laurison, Andrew Miles and Sam Friedman. Cultural Trends 25 (2): 116–31

2015        The Right to Speak: Differences in Political Engagement among the British Elite.” The Sociological Review 63 (2): 349–72.

2015        Breaking the ‘Class’ Ceiling? Social Mobility into Britain’s Elite Occupations.”  Sam Friedman, Daniel Laurison, and Andrew Miles. The Sociological Review 63 (2): 259–89.

2015        The Willingness to State an Opinion: Inequality, Don’t Know Response, and Political Participation.” Sociological Forum 30 (4): 925-48.

Book chapters, book reviews, invited articles

2020        Dangerously Divided: How Race and Class Shape Winning and Losing in American Politics.” Social Forces 99(2). (Book Review)

2020        Social Progress in Britain.” Contemporary Sociology 49(2): 173–75. (Book Review)

2019        On Culture and Inequality: Distinction, Omnivorousness, Status and Class.” British Journal of Sociology 70: 780-783. (Introduction to a special section that I edited.)

2017        “The Anatomy of the British Economic ‘Elite.’” Savage, Mike,  Katharina Hecht, Johs Hjellbrekke, Niall Cunningham, and Daniel Laurison. In New Directions in Elite Studies, edited by Olav Korsnes, Johan Heilbron, Johs Hjellbrekke, Felix Bühlmann, and Mike Savage. Routledge.

2015        “Espace Britannique des Styles de Vie et Classes Sociales.” Mike Savage, Brigitte Le Roux, Johs Hjellbrekke and Daniel Laurison.  Chapter 8 in La Méthodologie de Pierre Bourdieu en Action – Espace Culturel, Espace Social et Analyse des Données, edited by Frederic Lebaron and Brigitte Le Roux, Dunod Publishers.

2015        On Social Class, Anno 2014.”  Mike Savage, Fiona Devine, Niall Cunningham, Sam Friedman, Daniel Laurison, Andrew Miles, Helene Snee, and Mark Taylor. Sociology: 49 (6): 1011-30

2014        “The Realignment of U.S. Presidential Voting, 1948-2008.” Michael Hout and Daniel Laurison. In Social Stratification: Class, Race and Gender in Sociological Perspective edited by David Grusky. Boulder CO: Westview Press.

2014        “Positions and Position-Takings Among Political Producers: The Field of American Political Consultants.” In Bourdieu and Data Analysis: Methodological Principles and Practice, edited by Michael Grenfell and Frédéric Lebaron, Peter Lang Publishers.

2013        “The Distribution of Political Opinions in the United States” (translated into French) in Trente ans après La Distinction, edited by Philippe Coulangeon and Julien Duval, Editions La Découverte.

2012        Political Competence in the United States.” Praktiske Grunde 4: 43-56.

Media coverage/Public Sociology

Caron, Christina. 2018. “Are You Middle Class? This Calculator Claims to Tell You.” The New York Times, September 13, 2018, sec. Business Day.  (I’m quoted in the second half of the article.)

Commonspace, WHYY/NPR. June 21, 2018. Breaking the Class Ceiling. (also covered here: Interview with me.

Commonspace, WHYY/NPR. June 18, 2018. Looking Class. Episode 16. I’m the “expert” discussing class in between stories and poetry about class.

The Ballpark, Episode 15. June 2016. London School of Economics U.S. Centre’s podcasts. I’m interviewed about political participation.

Media Coverage & excerpts of book The Class Ceiling (partial list)

Pinsker, Joe. “The ‘Hidden Mechanisms’ That Help Those Born Rich to Excel in Elite Jobs.” The Atlantic, February 26, 2019. 

Friedman, Sam, and Daniel Laurison. “The Class Pay Gap: Why It Pays to Be Privileged.” The Guardian, February 7, 2019, sec. Society. 

Foges, Clare. “Better to Smash the Class Ceiling than Rage at It.” The Times. January 28, 2019. 

Media coverage of Class Ceiling work, first round

Bozhkova, Elena. 2016. “‘Glass Floor’ Persists in UK Research.” Nature, July. 

Hellen, Nicholas. 2015. “It Pays Big to Be Posh at Work.” The Sunday Times, November 8.

Robinson, Julian. 2015. “Workers from Privileged Backgrounds Earn up to £18k More than Others.” Daily Mail Online, November 8.

Published Working Papers & Reports

With Sam Friedman and Lindsey Macmillan, “Social mobility, the class pay gap and intergenerational worklessness: new insights from the Labour Force Survey.” Social Mobility Commission, 2017. 

With Sam Friedman, “Introducing the Class Ceiling: Social Mobility and Britain’s Elite Occupations.”  LSE Sociology working paper series, 2015.

With Jerome Karabel, “An Exceptional Nation? American Political Values in Comparative Perspective.” Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, 2012.

With Jerome Karabel, “Outlier Nation: American Exceptionalism and the Quality of Life in the United States.” Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, 2011.

With Steven Lawry and Jonathan VanAntwerpen, “Liberal Education and Civic Engagement.”  Report created for the Ford Foundation’s Knowledge, Creativity and Freedom Program, 2006.